Medium and large SKF bearings with a tapered bore are often mounted using hydraulic equipment. SKF tools and techniques enable a controlled and precise way for SKF bearings to be mounted correctly and this helps achieve a long bearing service life. The techniques employed can also be used for other annular components such as gear and railway wheels. 


SKF hydraulic tools and techniques allow bearings, and similar components, on cylindrical and tapered shafts to be dismounted in a safe and controlled manner. SKF offers a comprehensive range of tools and accessories to dismount bearings and components, that enhance worker safety, and also reduce the risk of component damage.

With the SKF hydraulic mounting and dismounting techniques, you can achieve:

  • More control, allowing precision, accuracy and repeatability to be maintained
  • Lower risk of damaging bearings, components and shafts
  • Less manual effort
  • Greater operator safety

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