Simplify installations with easy-to-fit, high-quality bushings and hubs

Bushings and hubs are available in many variants, offering specific benefits in power transmission applications ranging from automotive to paper making. 

Our products are made of high-quality steel. Most are phosphate-coated or blackened to improve corrosion resistance. We offer taper, QD and keyless bushings, as well as weld-on and bolt-on hubs. In addition, our SH bushings withstand heavy loads (for both torque and axial forces), and extremes of temperature. 

All bushings are easily installed and removed using basic tools, so there is minimal downtime each time they are fitted. A good example is our FX keyless bushings, which have a 360-degree interference fit. This enables components to be easily positioned and mounted without the need for a keyway. 

This wide availability of sizes and types means that no customisation is needed, and a matching product is available off-the-shelf at short notice.

To begin specifying a product, click the ‘Online Catalogue’ button and choose a product from the menu. For SH Bushings, click the relevant button.


  • Wide range of metric and imperial bore sizes available
  • Fabricated from high-quality steel 
  • Easily installed and removed using basic tools 


  • Weld-on hubs made from premium carbon steel 
  • Phosphate coating and blackening raise corrosion resistance 
  • SH bushings withstand high torques and axial loads, and extreme heat and cold 

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