Power transmission couplings that meet your specific requirements

Machine designers are under pressure to raise the performance of power transmission systems, in the face of diminishing time and resources. 

A diversity of coupling systems, including customised products, helps these systems work effectively and efficiently. Factors such as size and torque requirements determine the most appropriate coupling to use. 

We offer all the main types, including grid, gear, flex and jaw couplings. In addition we supply OK couplings, which use oil injection for mounting and dismounting, and flexible shaft couplings. 

Flexible shaft couplings compensate for four types of shaft misalignment: angular, offset, a combination of the two, and axial movement. Grid couplings are aimed at high output, high torque gear applications, while gear couplings are heavy duty products with large bore capacities.  

Most products are made from cast iron, though some (such as chain couplings) use carbon steel. Surface treatment techniques, including phosphate coating, help to protect against corrosion. 

Our whole range of couplings can be searched and specified by clicking the ‘Online Catalogue’ button and choosing a product from the drop-down menu.


  • Manufactured according to relevant industrial standards 
  • Available in many sizes, ratings and product types, including flexible shaft couplings and OK couplings 
  • Fabricated from a variety of high-grade steels


  • Several surface treatment processes protect against corrosion  
  • Customised products are available 
  • Large couplings withstand very high torque 
  • Flexible shaft couplings compensate for shaft misalignment

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